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STAD Solution alumni placed at leading companies through our Automation Testing Course

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Unlike Manual testing, Automation testing involves running tests on applications through the use of software tools. This helps in finding bugs and errors in the software without manual involvement. It saves some time and ensures better results.

Automation testing is important in software development because it detects problems early in the development cycle. Consequently, it becomes easier and less expensive to correct them. Also, these automated tests are repeatable and can be run several times during the entire process of developing a software so that there are no bugs after every update.

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Automation Testing Course Training


Eligibility Criteria for Software Testing Training

Manual Tester

No prior coding knowledge is required.

Eligibility Criteria for Software Testing Training

Any Degree - B. Tech, BSc, B.Com, BBA, etc.​

Eligibility Criteria for Software Testing Training

All IT & Non-IT Branches - CS, EE, Civil, Mech, etc

Student Reviews

Thousands of positive review from our past students

Importance of Automation Testing in Today's Industry

In today’s rapidly moving tech industry, timely delivery of good programs is vital. Automated testing accelerates this process by making it faster. Thus, developers can test applications quickly with high-quality software, which guarantees an effective end product.

Automation testing supports continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines where new code can be integrated and tested regularly hence always keeping the software releasable. Companies stay competitive through automation testing by delivering robust and reliable software quickly.

How to switch from Manual to Automation ?

How STAD Solution Prepares
You for Automation Testing

STAD Solution has designed a comprehensive program that prepares you to start your career in automation testing.

STAD Solution prides itself on having a team of experienced instructors who have many years of practicality and industry experience. They bring a lot of real-life insights into the classroom that help students easily understand complicated concepts. Hence, their guidance ensures that you are well-prepared for the challenges of automation testing in the real world.

The course is heavily focused on hands-on training. During the training sessions, students will learn various automation tools and techniques. This helps them gain confidence in working with automation testing tools. At the end of these courses, they will be able to create and execute automated tests.

STAD Solution’s curriculum incorporates actual projects. These projects simulate different situations within software development. Involvement in such projects allows students to understand what was taught as part of the reality program, which strengthens their problem-solving skills, making them employable.

The curriculum at STAD Solution is designed to meet industry standards. It includes the latest trends and technologies in automation testing. This ensures students are up-to-date with current industry practices. The course content is regularly updated to keep pace with advancements in the field.

The STAD Solution is committed to ensuring their students get a job placement. It does this by connecting them with many IT companies and assisting them in getting interviews for jobs. They also help the learners in building their resumes as well as preparing them for interviews. This comprehensive assistance increases the chances of students getting placed in top companies

Our Training Methodology

STAD Solution's comprehensive training methodology for Automation Testing Course

Automation Testing Training in Pune

Pune is a hub for IT and software development, making it a great place to learn automation testing. Many institutes offer comprehensive courses in this field, but STAD Solution stands out. It provides one of Pune’s best programs for automation testing training. This program covers all modern tools and techniques used in real-world scenarios, ensuring that students keep up with current trends and give them an edge over others.

STAD Solution’s program is designed for both beginners and professionals looking to advance their careers. The curriculum includes hands-on training, real-world projects, and access to experienced instructors. Students gain practical knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable in the workplace. Additionally, STAD Solution offers job placement assistance, helping graduates find opportunities in top IT companies. This makes STAD Solution an ideal choice for those seeking comprehensive and career-focused automation testing training in Pune.

Benefits of Learning at STAD Solution

This is because the online courses at STAD Solution offer flexible alternatives for studying. That means students can learn their lessons at their own pace. This facility is useful to those who work and have no free time. The interface allows learners to keep up with other activities while taking their lessons.

The support and resources provided by STAD Solution to its online students are quite extensive. This comprises access to various kinds of learning resources such as videos, tutorials, and practice exercises among others. There are also live sessions with instructors that help in clearing doubts. This ensures the smoothness of the student’s learning process.

The interactive nature of this system creates an opportunity for participation in live discussions, group projects as well as forums by students on an online platform. In addition to better understanding and retention of concepts, these interactions contribute to creating a sense of belonging among learners.

In Pune, ISTQB Certification Training is available in STAD Solution for interested persons. It is an internationally known certification that greatly enhances your resume. Testing techniques, test management, and test design are some of the topics covered in this course. This course helps you pass the ISTQB examination, which makes it easy for you to get into the automation testing career path through ISTQB certification.

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Advancement in Automation Testing Career

Are you thinking of advancing your career? You should consider taking up our professional automation testing course in Pune at STAD Solution. We are the topmost automation testing training institute where you can have practical experience while being trained on job-oriented automation testing that supports placement until you secure your dream job.

Enroll for our automation testing classes in Pune and become an expert who is certified. Whether you want QA training in Pune or an all-inclusive Quality assurance academy, STAD Solution has everything. Don’t miss out on the best automation testing training in Pune. Contact us today to start your journey!

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STAD Solutions provides the best professional automation testing training course in Pune, which is the best institute due to its unique curriculum.

Our Professional automation testing course in Pune incorporates real-world projects and job placement assistance.

Yes, STAD Solution delivers certificated automation training for students.

Yes, our automation testing training with job placement in Pune ensures students get opportunities in top IT companies.

Indeed! We are the premier ISTQB certification training Institute based out of Pune, which provides online ISTQB exam preparation courses to testers like you.

Web application-based automation tests are ideal due to the extensive usage of these apps on the internet today.

STAD Solution’s course which covers Selenium, Java, Postman, and JMeter among others is one of the most preferred courses for automated software development testing.

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