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Selenium is one of the most broadly utilized software testing tool to perform automation on web application testing. Being an open-source tool, it has become the prime need of a large number of companies and with its association with java features, it is simple to learn and implement as well as very time-saving. This is the major cause for the majority of the organizations inclined toward selenium with java for managing and reducing project and maintenance costs. These days, Selenium testers demand increases in the market, especially based on the object-oriented java platform.

Emerging as the most renowned Automation training institute in Ahmedabad has trained some of the best professionals of the industry. This has, in turn, made us emerge as the most promising institute for selenium training in Ahmedabad.

Selenium Course Objectives

Once you successful complete the course of selenium testing with java, you are capable of –

Course Content for Automation Training in Ahmedabad- Stad Solution

Selenium IDE

Common Selenium Commands in Detail

Selenium Remote Control (RC)

Java Concepts for Selenium

Selenium 2.0 (Web Driver)

Scope of Selenium in Automation Testing

Selenium is an open-source tool initially it supports only firefox but later Advance Selenium supports all type of browsers . For performing automation on web base application Selenium Web Diver is one of the most important automation tool. It is an extension to Java that provides property to platform independence. Selenium work for both PC browser and mobile browser and work for all the web standards supported by different browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and many more.

Selenium is open source and freely available therefore it is best tool for automation fresher to learn automation testing.

Selenium has a wider scope and its future is as sharp as tools are emerging to make and support Linux, Windows, and OSX. There are different selenium courses available in the market in professional manner to learn more about Selenium web driver scripts and its frameworks. There are many institutes who provide automation testing training to the professionals and fresher. In future demand of selenium tester are very high so manual tester who are interested to make their career in selenium can take Automation Testing Training in Ahmedabad from STAD Solution, Where professional will train complete selenium with its framework.

Career Growth

Software Testing is the only field which has secure career in IT Industry. Growth in Industry depend on Company to Company. Software Testing is now became emerging technology. Therefore, testers future is very bright and lot of opportunity is coming. To became a good software tester one has to take Software Testing Training in Ahmedabad from STAD Solution where many Software Testing Courses are offered with placements.

A career in Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium is became very trending automation tool for web Application testing. It is open source and freely available due to which it become popular among tester and used in many IT Industries. Usage of Selenium tool is increasing day by day due to its platform independent feature. Selenium IDE makes tester work easier. Selenium IDE works on playback concept and allow tester to export the script  into different programming language which reduces programming burden on testers. Company prefer Selenium for performing Automation testing on Web Application which increases the vacancy of selenium testers in company. Selenium testers have a bright career in future. There demand in industries is increasing day by day. To learn selenium, tester has to take training in automation testing training from one of the repudiated institute where professionals are giving training.

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