BUGmania – FAQs

February 3, 2024

Que :  What is BUGmania ?

It is an Online National Level Software Testing Competition which is orgnised by STAD Solution.

Que : Who can take part in this competition ?

It is an Open competition. Hence StudentsCollege Faculty, or any Working Professionals can take part in this competition.

Que : Will I get the Certificate of Participation ?

Yes, STAD Solution always appreciates the efforts of all the IT People. So will provide the certificate of participation.

Que : What is a Value of this Certificate ?

It is a National Level Competition. So, you can add this National Level competition certificate in your professional record.

Que : Which website I have to test for this competition ?

Within 48 Hours of Registration, Further Instructions, and a Mobile Application for Testing will be given through mail.

Que : What Testing I have to perform ?

You will have to perform only Manual Testing. Bug through Automation will not consider.

Que : Do I have to Test Android and iOS both the platform ?

No, you have to perform the testing on either Android App or iOS App.

Que : Is there any format of the Bug Report ?

– All the participants should have to prepare the Bug Report in this format (Link of the Bug Report Template)

Que : How to Submit my Bug Report ?

Once you prepare the bug report you can submit your bug report through this link – Submit your Bug Report

Que : What is the maximum file size that I can upload  ?

You can upload the Maximum 100 MB file.

Que : Do I have to submit the Screenshot and Videos of the bug along with the Bug Report ?

Yes, you will have to submit the relevant screenshot and Videos of the Bug.

Que : In which format I have to submit the Bug Report ?

You have have to Upload the Zip Folder (include the Bug Report and relevant Screenshot and Videos of the Bug)

Que : What Winner of BUGmania (Season 3) will get ?

1. Winner will get a Prize worth Rs. 11,111/-

2. Winner will get a valuable achievement National Level Event Certificate.

3. Honor

Que : What all the participants will get in BUGmania (Season 3) ?

– All the participants will get the National Level Event Certificate.


It is an online event so quite flexible for participants to submit the task.


For any other concern, you can contact us on WhatsApp wa.me/+917573055577