How to test Axis Mobile Application?

January 27, 2024

When testing the Axis Mobile application,

Here are some aspects to consider:


1. Account Management:

– Test account creation, login, and view account details.

– Verify fund transfers, transactions, and balance inquiries.


2. Mobile Banking:

– Test functionality and usability of the Axis app.

– Verify tasks such as bill payments, fund transfers, and card management.


3. Card Services:

– Test card features like balance inquiry and blocking/unblocking.

– Verify accurate transaction history and card-related tasks.


4. Loan and Credit Services:

– Test loan application, eligibility checks, and approval process.

– Verify loan repayment tasks and EMI calculations.


5. Investments and Wealth Management:

– Test investment-related features and access to financial planning tools.

– Verify portfolio details, investment tracking, and statements.


6. Customer Support:

– Test customer support channels like chat, email, or phone support.

– Verify ease of submitting queries and receiving timely responses.


7. Security and Privacy:

– Test authentication methods and protection against unauthorized access.

– Verify secure handling of personal information.


8. Mobile Notifications:

– Test push notifications for transaction alerts and updates.

– Verify timely and relevant notifications.


9. Integration with Payment Gateways:

– Test online purchases, bill payments, and fund transfers.

– Verify secure payment processing and accurate receipts.


10. Accessibility and Usability:

– Test accessibility features like screen reader support.

– Evaluate overall usability and user experience.


11. Biometric Authentication:

– Test the functionality of biometric authentication methods such as fingerprint or face recognition.

– Verify that users can securely log in or authorize transactions using biometric data.


12. Account Statements and Documents:

– Test the ability to view and download account statements and other important documents through the app.

– Verify that documents are displayed accurately and can be accessed without any issues.


13. Branch and ATM Locator:

– Test the branch and ATM locator feature to find nearby Axis Bank branches and ATMs.

– Verify the accuracy of location information and directions to reach the selected branch or ATM.


14. Offers and Discounts:

– Test the display and accessibility of promotional offers, discounts, or special deals provided by Axis Bank.

– Verify that users can view and avail themselves of relevant offers through the app.


15. Instant Messaging and Chatbot Integration:

– If the app includes an instant messaging or chatbot feature, test its functionality.

– Verify that users can communicate with the chatbot or customer support representatives seamlessly and receive appropriate assistance.


16. Voice Banking:

– Test the voice banking feature, if available, that allows users to perform banking tasks through voice commands.

– Verify the accuracy of voice recognition and the successful execution of requested actions.


17. Travel and Forex Services:

– If the app offers travel-related services or forex features, test functionalities like currency conversion, forex rates, and travel card management.

– Verify that users can access necessary information and perform relevant transactions conveniently.


18. Personal Finance Management:

– Test any personal finance management features, such as expense tracking, budgeting tools, or financial goal setting.

– Verify the accuracy of calculations and the availability of insightful financial reports.


19. Interactive Tutorials and Help:

– Test any interactive tutorials or help features that guide users through various app functionalities.

– Verify that users can access helpful resources, such as FAQs or step-by-step guides, to resolve queries or learn about app features.


20. App Performance on Various Devices:

– Test the app’s performance on different devices, including smartphones and tablets, with varying screen sizes and operating systems.

– Verify that the app functions smoothly and responsively across different devices.


Remember to adapt the testing approach based on the specific features and requirements of the Axis Bank mobile application.