How to test Instagram Application?

January 25, 2024

When testing the Instagram application,

here are some aspects to consider



1. User Registration and Authentication:

– Test the user registration process, including account creation and login.

– Verify that users can log in using their credentials securely.


2. User Profile:

– Test the functionality to create and edit user profiles.

– Verify that users can add profile pictures, update personal information, and manage privacy settings.


3. Feed and Posts:

– Test the display and scrolling of the feed, including posts from followed accounts.

– Verify that posts are loaded correctly, and users can interact with them (like, comment, save, share).


4. Photo and Video Uploads:

– Test the ability to upload photos and videos to user profiles.

– Verify that media uploads successfully, and users can apply filters and captions.


5. Stories:

– Test the functionality to create and view Stories (temporary posts that disappear after 24 hours).

– Verify that users can post photos, videos, add stickers, text, or draw on Stories.


6. Explore and Discover:

– Test the Explore feature, which suggests content based on user preferences.

– Verify that recommended posts, stories, and IGTV videos align with the user’s interests.


7. Direct Messaging:

– Test the functionality to send and receive direct messages to other users.

– Verify that messages are delivered accurately and in real-time.


8. Notifications and Alerts:

– Test notifications for new likes, comments, follower requests, and other relevant activities.

– Verify that users receive notifications promptly and they are accurate.


9. Hashtags and Search:

– Test the ability to search for content using hashtags, usernames, or keywords.

– Verify that search results are relevant and displayed in a user-friendly manner.


10. IGTV (Instagram TV):

– Test the functionality to view and upload long-form videos on IGTV.

– Verify that videos are uploaded correctly, and users can discover and watch IGTV content.


11. Live Videos:

– Test the ability to broadcast and view live videos.

– Verify that live videos can be started, ended, and watched without issues.


12. IG Shopping:

– Test the integration with Instagram Shopping, where users can discover and purchase products.

– Verify that users can view product details, make purchases, and track orders if applicable.


13. Account Security:

– Test the security features, such as two-factor authentication and account recovery options.

РVerify that account security measures work effectively.


14. Account Deactivation and Privacy:

– Test the functionality to deactivate or delete an account.

– Verify that account deactivation or deletion requests are processed correctly.


15. Accessibility:

– Test the accessibility features of the app for users with disabilities, such as screen readers or voice commands.

– Verify that the app is accessible to a wide range of users.


16. Performance and Compatibility:

– Test the application’s performance under different network conditions and on various devices.

– Verify compatibility across different operating systems and device configurations.


17. Localization and Internationalization:

– Test the app’s support for different languages, ensuring proper translations and localization of content and features.


18. Advertising and Sponsored Content:

– Test the display and interaction with sponsored posts and advertisements.

– Verify that sponsored content is labeled correctly and appears appropriately in the user’s feed.


19. Comment Moderation:

– Test the ability to moderate comments on posts, including hiding or deleting inappropriate comments.

– Verify that users can manage comments on their posts effectively.


20. Privacy Settings and Data Control:

– Test the various privacy settings and data control options available in the app.

– Verify that users can customize their privacy preferences and control the sharing of personal data.


21. IG Reels:

– Test the functionality to create and view short-form videos on IG Reels.

– Verify that users can record, edit, add effects, and share Reels.


22. IG Guides:

– Test the feature to create and explore curated content guides on specific topics.

– Verify that users can access and navigate through Guides seamlessly.


23. IG Live Rooms:

– Test the ability to start or join an Instagram Live Room with multiple participants.

– Verify that Live Rooms can be created, managed, and watched without issues.


24. IG Highlights:

– Test the functionality to create and manage Highlights on user profiles.

– Verify that users can add and organize Stories into Highlights for long-term visibility.


25. Explore Tags and Places:

– Test the ability to search for posts based on tags or specific locations.

– Verify that users can discover content related to specific tags or explore posts from specific places.


26. Branded Content Tools:

– Test the functionality related to branded content, such as tagging and promoting partnerships with businesses.

– Verify that users can properly tag and disclose sponsored or branded content.


27. Account Verification:

– Test the account verification process for high-profile or notable accounts.

– Verify that verification requests are processed accurately and accounts are appropriately verified.


28. Content Moderation:

– Test the content moderation mechanisms in place to identify and remove inappropriate or violating content.

– Verify that reported content is reviewed and actioned upon efficiently.


29. Ad Campaign Management:

– Test the functionality for advertisers to create, manage, and monitor ad campaigns on Instagram.

– Verify that advertisers can set targeting options, budget, and track campaign performance.


30. Camera and Photo Editing:

– Test the camera functionality for capturing photos or videos within the app.

– Verify that users can apply filters, edit, and enhance their photos before sharing.


31. Account Switching:

– Test the ability to switch between multiple Instagram accounts seamlessly.

– Verify that users can add, remove, and manage multiple accounts without issues.


32. Data Usage and Storage:

– Test the app’s data usage and storage management, ensuring efficient use of network resources.

– Verify that the app does not excessively consume data or device storage.


33. Accessibility Settings:

– Test the accessibility settings and features provided by the app, such as font size adjustment, color contrast, or voiceover compatibility.

– Verify that users with disabilities can access and use the app effectively.


34. Instagram for Business:

– Test the features and functionalities specific to Instagram for Business, including insights, promotions, and shopping tags.

– Verify that businesses can effectively use the app to engage with their audience and promote their products or services.


35. Influencer Collaboration:

– Test the collaboration features for influencers and content creators, such as branded content partnerships, access to additional features, or analytics.

– Verify that influencers can collaborate with brands and utilize the app’s features for content creation and promotion.



Remember to adapt and prioritize these points based on the specific features and requirements of the Instagram application. This comprehensive testing approach will help ensure a high-quality and engaging social media experience for users.