How to test Shaadi com Application?

January 27, 2024

When testing the application,

Here are some aspects to consider:


1. User Registration:

– Test the user registration process, including account creation and validation.

– Verify that users can successfully register and log in to the app.


2. Profile Creation:

– Test the functionality to create user profiles, including personal information, preferences, and partner preferences.

– Verify that profiles are created accurately and that all necessary fields are captured.


3. Search and Matching:

– Test the search functionality to find potential matches based on user-defined criteria.

– Verify that search results display accurate and relevant profiles.


4. Profile Viewing:

– Test the ability to view complete profiles of potential matches, including personal information, photos, and partner preferences.

– Verify that profiles are displayed correctly and that all relevant details are visible.


5. Expressing Interest:

– Test the functionality to express interest in a profile or send personalized messages.

– Verify that users can express interest and communicate effectively with potential matches.


6. Photo Protection and Privacy:

– Test the app’s photo protection features, such as watermarking or blurring of profile photos for privacy.

– Verify that users’ privacy preferences are respected and that photos are protected as desired.


7. Communication Channels:

– Test the messaging and chat features within the app to facilitate communication between users.

– Verify that users can send and receive messages, view message history, and engage in real-time conversations.


8. Profile Verification:

– Test the profile verification process, such as email verification, phone number verification, or ID verification.

– Verify that profiles are appropriately verified to ensure authenticity and build trust among users.


9. Match Recommendations:

– Test the accuracy and relevance of match recommendations provided by the app’s algorithm.

– Verify that recommended matches align with users’ preferences and expectations.


10. Filtering and Sorting:

– Test the functionality to filter and sort search results or match recommendations based on specific criteria.

– Verify that filtering and sorting options work correctly and that users can customize their search preferences.


11. Subscription and Membership:

– Test the subscription and membership features, including upgrading to premium memberships or purchasing additional features.

– Verify that users can subscribe, make payments securely, and access the benefits of their chosen membership plan.


12. Notification System:

– Test the delivery of push notifications for new messages, profile matches, or activity updates.

– Verify that users receive timely and relevant notifications.


13. User Preferences:

– Test the ability to set and customize user preferences, such as language, location, or notification settings.

– Verify that user preferences are saved accurately and applied consistently throughout the app.


14. Profile Editing and Management:

– Test the functionality to edit and update user profiles, including personal details, preferences, or profile photos.

– Verify that changes to profiles are saved correctly and reflected accurately.


15. Privacy Settings:

– Test the app’s privacy settings, including the ability to control profile visibility, restrict access to personal information, or hide profiles from specific users.

– Verify that users can manage their privacy settings effectively.


16. Feedback and Reporting:

– Test the functionality to provide feedback on profiles, report inappropriate content, or flag suspicious profiles.

– Verify that users can easily provide feedback or report issues within the app.


17. App Performance:

– Test the app’s performance, including loading speed, responsiveness, and smooth navigation between screens.

– Verify that the app functions well on different devices and screen sizes.


18. Data Security:

– Test the app’s data security measures, including encryption of user data and protection against unauthorized access.

– Verify that user information is handled securely and in compliance with data privacy regulations.


19. Usability and User Experience:

– Test the overall usability and user experience of the app, considering factors such as intuitive navigation, clear layout, and easy access to key features.

– Identify any areas for improvement to enhance the app’s usability.


20. Integration Testing:

– Test any integrations with third-party services or platforms, such as payment gateways or social media platforms.

– Verify that data exchange and communication with external systems are seamless and accurate.



Remember to adapt the testing approach based on the specific features and requirements of the app.