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In Today’s era mobile phone are transform from simple device to multimedia gadgets. In which all type of services can be done from simple photo sharing to online payment services, ordering food, booking cab, paying bill online etc. Mobile Technology is emerging day by day. People become more addicted to App for every type of services. Majority crowd are moved towards mobile App’s. These increasing use of apps leads many issues like security, performance, backup recovery, memory leakage, compatibility etc. To overcome these issue IT industries stat performing testing over apps. Now Mobile App Testing became very trending and crucial part of the application development.

What is Mobile App Testing ?

Mobile App Testing means checking all the functionality of app is working proper or not. Is all the features work as expected? Checking the functionality in different OS versions as well as in different mobile devices for compatibility testing example checking any social media app in different mobile phone like Samsung, Redmi, Nokia etc and at different version like android 7, android 8, android 9 etc. In Mobile app testing both functional and non functional requirements are tested.

Why Mobile App Testing is Required ?

In today’s world crowd of mobile user are increasing day by day. Thus, In this competitive world it is very difficult to promote an application and increasing its user. There are many factors which cause application failure like mobile platform compatibility, O.S compatibility, functionality, performance, memory management etc. There for maintaining the product quality it is very important to test the application before launching.

Who can Test Mobile Application ?

There is Myth in the industry that anyone who have knowledge of application can test the product. But in reality there are many factors which has to be tested and can be done by testers only.

Who can be a good Mobile App Tester ?

To become a good mobile tester following skills are required:

  • Certifications – Certification is now a day’s become one of the selection criteria for many companies. Therefore candidate should require Mobile App testing training or Software testing training certificate.
  • Enhanced knowledge of gadgets – Good understanding and knowledge of different mobile phone and updates of different versions is also required. Should know most popular gadgets like I phone, tablets and smartphones like Samsung galaxy, Sony xperia etc. Also, the different mobile environments such as iOS, Android etc.
  • Testing knowledge – Understanding of SDLC, STLC, black box, white box testing, agile and waterfall methodologies are equally important when applying for mobile testing job.
  • Mobile testing tools – Any experience with mobile testing tool is highly helpful and an advantage for your Mobile Testing career. Appium is become mostly used mobile app testing automation tool. It can automate both iOS and Android apps. There are few more android automation application testing tools like Ranorex, UI Automator etc.

How to Do Mobile Application Testing ?

There are many things which should be tested in Mobile App. Find the checklist below:

  • Instalation/Uninstalation: Test wheater application is able to install and uninstall on different devices.
  • Application start and stop: Check after installation application should be start and when closed should be restart.
  • Key Press: All the functionalities work according to requirement and type in text box relevant to the key pressed.
  • No Disruptions: application should not be crash if any call notification or other interrupt generate.
  • Gestures: If application supports gesture and it should work accordingly.
  • Device adaptation: Application should be different hardware supported
  • Security: Application should be reliable, consistent and Durable.
  • Updates : All the updates should be installed properly with removing backup datas.
  • Network specification; App should be work according to the network specifications like protocol, server, plugins etc.
  • Locations: App should detect current location exactly
  • Performance: App response time should be less and able to hold load.
  • User Interface: App should be user friendly and graphical user interface should be in proper format.
  • Notifications: If App generate notification then user should be able to get the notification even app is closed.

Types of Mobile App Testing ?

There are various type of testing some are as follow:

Functional Testing:

In functional testing logical and functional behavior of the application is tested to verify that all the features of the application are working properly. In functional testing all the links, workflow, GUI, form validations etc are tested.

Performance Testing:

In performance testing behavior of the application is tested i.e. how the app process. Different task are carried out in performance testing like application performance in low battery power due to heavy battery uses, network out of coverage area/poor bandwidth/changing internet connection mode (2G, 3G, or WiFi)/changing broadband connection, transferring heavy file, less memory, concurrent approach to the application’s server by various users, etc.

Memory Leakage Testing:

Memory leakage is one of the major issues with mobile application which affect Mobile device performance. Due to memory leakage, mobile process go slow down at the time of transferring the file or in-between accessing any application mobile device might switch off automatically, most of the mobile OS stop applications those are using generic modafinil online extreme memory for processing.

Interrupt Testing:

Process of testing a mobile application behavior when interrupt generate while using application then functions may get interrupted while using the application is known as Interrupt Testing. Those interruptions can be; incoming and outgoing SMS/MMS/calls, incoming notifications, battery/cable insertion and removal for better uses, network outage and recovery, switch off/switch on of the media player and other connecting devices, Low memory warning, and device power cycle(like; low battery notification).An application should be capable to hold these interruptions by going into a suspended state and restarting afterwards.

Usability testing:

In Usability testing, how good an application in understand by user or how much user friendly it is tested. User understanding is major constraint for any application success and failure. In Usablity testing friendliness, flexibility, and understandability

Installation testing:

Installation testing is used to test the particular application is installing, uninstalling, and updating properly without any interruption (user is smoothly and flexibly installing the application).

Operational testing:

Any mobile OS and desktop OS provides in-built back-up and recovery operational functions that save or recover all files or doc of mobile devices or applications that had been lost due to some reason. Operational testing is used to test that the particular back-up and recovery process is working properly and responding as per the requirement.

Security Testing:

The purpose of security testing to test the application’s data and network security to check the application’s data and network security is responding as per the given requirement/guideline.


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