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Software Testing Classes in Pune

  • Now we are providing the best software testing classes and course in Pune, Maharashtra as the demand for IT is increasing. You have landed on the right page. STAD Solution is the group of knowledgeable software Tester Trainers delivering sophisticated Software Testing Courses in Pune. These courses for software testing encompass Manual Software Testing Training and Automation Software Testing Training. STAD Solution is also provides the Job oriented Software Testing Training which offers Software Testing Training with 100% Job Guarantee program.
  • Now as the competition and demand for IT are increasing, we have plan to help you guys by providing Best Software Testing Course in Pune and Software Testing Classes in Pune. In these courses we will enhance your Technical Knowledge and overall personality. We would help you to decrease the gap between you and being got rejected in the job interviews. We provide corporate trainings in Software Testing to the job seekers and upcoming IT youths to enhance their technological skills and to fill the gap of knowledge between the industries and candidates. Our aim is that the students who want to build a good career should not just waste their time and energy by giving abundant or lack of knowledge. Hence we help them to built their overall career in the field of their own we provide the benefits to them.
  • Software Testing Course With Job Placement

  • We are to start our Software Testing Course in Pune & Software in which we would give you the training related to Web Application Testing Training, Automation Testing Training and Mobile Application Testing Training, and Game App Testing Training. We provide these training so that your skills enhance and your chances for your knowledge go sharper day by day.
  • Training Methodology

    • Theory +
    • Practicals +
    • Assignment +
    • Certification +
    • Resume +
    • Attend =
    • Job

    Why to choose STAD Solution?

    • 100% Job Commitment
    • 100% Student Satisfaction Record
    • Experienced and Expert Faculty.
    • Trainer worked in MNC Company
    • Training on Live Applications
    • Hands on Training on App Testing / Web Testing / Game Testing
    • Placements in 150+ IT Companies
    • Unlimited Placement Call
    • GD-PI & Aptitude Preparations
    • HR & Mock Interview Preparation
    • Delivered 200+ Seminar, Webinar, Workshops on Software Testing to well known Colleges, Universities and IT Companies.

    There are many institutes in Pune who are providing training for testing But the unique teaching methodology makes STAD Solution different from all. Here we teach theoritical concept with practicle implementation so that students can understand the concept thoroughly. We make overall personality development of the students so that they can be easily crack interviews with their skills. STAD Solution not only teach but transform students into employees.

    Our Student Successfully Start Their Career With..

    Placement Companies

    Student Reviews

    Placed as Software Tester -
    Lodestone Software Services Pvt. Ltd.

    Training Review by -
    Mohammad Rangwala

    Placed as Software Tester -
    Lodestone Software Services Pvt.Ltd.

    Placed as Software Tester -
    VaroLogic Technologies Pvt. Ltd

    Placed as Software Tester -
    Intellial Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    Placed as Software Tester -
    Seven Bits Technologies LLP

    Trainer Profile

    • Experienced and Expert Faculty.
    • Trainer worked in MNC Company
    • Trained & Place 1000+ Students in Software Testing
    • Delivered 200+ Seminar, Webinar, Workshops on Software Testing to well known Colleges, Universities and IT Companies.
    • STAD Solution believes in the blended method of learning and we provide the right blend of theoretical and practical knowledge of the Software Testing practices to the students.
    • Software Testing Instructors at STAD Solution trains the students with Industry-relevant skills.
    • Software Testing Trainers at STAD Solution are Expertise in the Software Testing platform
    • Software Testing Trainers at STAD Solution are Real-time professionals, and they provide hands-on training on the Software Testing techniques.
    • Trainers at STAD Solution Upskills the knowledge of the students by providing them an in-depth training on the latest industry-relevant practices.
    • Software Testing Trainers at STAD Solution gives the required individual attention to each student and provides in-depth training with complete hands-on practices
    • Our Software Testing Trainers assist the students in building their resume professionally and also boost their confidence by providing valuable insights to them about Interview questions and Handling interviews with mock interview sessions.

    Non-Technical and Interview Preparation with the Software Testing Training for Fresher.

    • Communication Skills
    • Task Management
    • Presentation Skills
    • Writing and Drafting Skills
    • English Conversation
    • Resume Preparation
    • Email Etiquettes
    • Group Discussion
    • Personal Interview Preparation
    • Mock Interview

    How we, at STAD Solution help you?

    Depending upon your career aspiration, whether you want to get a job in the IT industry or you want to develop software all by yourself or you need it in your start-up project. In all the scenarios it is advisable that you have professional training and hands-on experience in software testing. If you are one of those aspiring candidates who want a job in the top IT companies, make yourself competent enough to join such companies, it would be advisable that you take Software Testing Training in Pune.

    The good news is that you don’t need any special educational qualifications to be eligible for Software Testing coaching classes. So, why waste time? Join STAD Solution and be sure about the future.

    Job opportunities for Software Testing experts

    Software testing is one of the hot jobs and there is a huge requirement for software testing professionals across the globe. Fresh graduates can opt for software testing as there career choice to enter into the IT Industry and grow up to great heights in their career. There are different types of testing like manual, automation and performance, each has its own identity in the market. Testing is more challenging than development. Just that you need to acquire some special skills in testing like some additional certifications which would add to your career path. This necessitates that you take a Software Testing certification course and make yourself a globally recognized Software Testing professional.

    software testing course in pune

    Software Testing Training with Job Placement

    (A) Manual Testing

    Brief Introduction To Software Systems And SDLC

    Basic Concepts

    • Basic Testing Vocabulary
    • Quality Assurance versus Quality Control
    • The Cost of Quality
    • Software Quality Factors
    • How Quality is Defined
    • Why Do We Test Software?
    • What is a Defect?
    • The Multiple Roles of the Software Tester(People Relationships)
    • Scope of Testing
    • When Should Testing Occur?
    • Testing Constraints
    • Life Cycle Testing
    • Independent Testing
    • What is a QA Process?
    • Levels of Testing
    • The “V” Concept of Testing

    Testing Techniques

    • Structural versus Functional Technique Categories
    • Verification versus Validation
    • Static versus Dynamic Testing
    • Examples of Specific Testing Techniques

    Test Administration

    • Test Planning
    • Customization of the Test Process
    • Budgeting
    • Scheduling

    Create The Test Plan

    • Prerequisites to test planning
    • Understand the Characteristics of the Software Being Developed
    • Build the Test Plan
    • Write the Test Plan
    • Test Cases
    • Test case Design
    • Building test cases
    • Test data mining
    • Test execution
    • Test Reporting
    • Defect Management
    • Test Coverage – Traceability matrix

    Test Metrics – Guidelines And Usage

    Test Reporting

    • Guidelines for writing test reports

    Type Of Testing And Their Uses

    • Functionality testing
    • Link testing
    • Form testing
    • Cookies testing
    • HTML & CSS testing
    • Workflow testing
    • Usability testing: navigation, buttons, links and different pages are checked.
    • Web Interface testing
    • Application interface testing
    • Database integration testing
    • Database testing: integration, errors, response time, test data retrieval process are checked.
    • Localization & Internationalization
    • Soak Testing
    • Monkey Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • Unit Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • Browser Compatibility Testing
    • Social media integration test
    • Installation Testing for Mobile App
    • Alpha Testing
    • User Acceptance Testing

    (B) Automation Testing

    Relational Database Management System - RDBMS

    • Concepts of my SQL

    Java Concepts

    • Introduction to Java
    • Structure of java program
    • operators in java
    • Data types in java
    • Conditional statements in java
    • Looping statements in java
    • Output statements in java
    • Arrays and List
    • Classes & Objects

    OOP's Concepts

    Automation Testing Introduction
    • What is automation
    • Advantages of automation
    • Disadvantages of automation
    • Different types of Automation Tools
    • What to automate in projects
    • When to start automation
    • Scope for automation testing in projects

    Selenium Introduction

    • What is selenium
    • History of selenium
    • Advantage of selenium
    • Disadvantages of selenium
    • Selenium Variants

    Selenium IDE

    • Introduction to IDE
    • IDE Installation
    • IDE Architecture
    • Information of Firebug
    • Installation of fire path
    • Property & value of elements
    • Web Locator
    • Selenium commands
    • Actions
    • Accessors
    • Assertions
    • Disadvantages of selenium IDE
    • How to convert selenium IDE Scripts into other languages

    Selenium Web Driver

    • Introduction to Web Driver
    • Advantages
    • Different between RC and Web Driver
    • Web Driver Installation
    • Web Driver Architecture
    • Locators (How to find locators through Firebug and Manually, Common HTML Structure
    • - Id - Name - Xpath - CSS
    • Selenium WD-Browser commands
    • Selenium WD-validate commands
    • Selenium WD-Interaction Commands
    • Creating script in Web Driver
    • Disadvantage of Selenium Web Driver

    Introduction to API Testing

    (C) Live App Testing (Projects)

    • Mobile App Testing
    • Website Testing
    • Game Testing

    (D) Non - Technical

    • Communication Skills
    • Task Management
    • Presentation Skills
    • Writing and Drafting Skills
    • English Conversation

    (E) Interview Preparation

    • Resume Preparation
    • Email Etiquettes
    • Group Discussion
    • Personal Interview Preparation
    • Mock Interview

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