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Software Testing has now become the most trending technology in the IT Industry. Quality becomes the top priority for every industry therefore the demand for testers is increasing day by day. To get an opportunity in the testing field one has to learn manual and automation testing with practical implementation. STAD Solution provides the best software testing training in Thane for manual and automation testing with job placement assistance.

Testing Facts

Technology is rapidly evolving and changing in market and competition is becoming tougher and increasing every day. Therefore, nowadays people are more concerned about the quality of products their functionality, their performance, their security, authenticity etc. Due to that, the demand for testers is increasing day by day in the industry. Almost 45% of companies are now hiring a dedicated team of testers in-house as well as 38 % of companies outsource their testing work to the testing organization, an individual, or a freelancer. Due to this high demand for testing the scope of make career in software testing is booming in the industry. For creating a bright future in testing many manual and automation Testing institutes are open that provide online software testing training as well as offline. 

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What is Software Testing ?

Developers are majorly focusing on feature development which results in a lot of major and minor mistakes. Therefore to improve the quality of the product, these mistakes need to be identified and rectified. The quality of the product depends on many factors like looks, appearance, ease of using it, usefulness of features, performance, security, etc.

Software Testing is a process of identifying bugs, errors, or mistakes by checking an application from different perspectives functional, non-functional, or user perspective also needs to ensure the bug has been fixed or not to maintain the quality of the product. Testing can be performed in two manners either through manual Testing or automation testing or a mixture of both. QA training course defines the entire process of application testing.

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STAD Solution alumni placed at leading companies through our Automation Testing Course
STAD Solution alumni placed at leading companies through our Automation Testing Course


Eligibility Criteria for Software Testing Training

Any Degree - B. Tech, BSc, B.Com, BBA, etc.​

No prior coding knowledge is required.

Eligibility Criteria for Software Testing Training

All IT & Non-IT Branches - CS, EE, Civil, Mech, etc

Eligibility Criteria for Software Testing Training

Any Degree - B.Com, BBA, BA, Science etc.​

Importance of Software Testing in Industry

Due to Software Disasters, companies have to bear a lot in terms of loss of market repudiation, financial losses, customer dissatisfaction even sometimes human life losses, etc. Technological updating and innovative creation lead a software glitches which in result generate software failure or software disasters. Therefore to sustain in this competitive market companies start focusing on improving the quality of software and hence the importance of software testing is increasing in the industry As a result people are shifting towards the testing field by taking software testing training online or offline.  Let’s see some software failures to software glitches.

    1. Yahoo reports breach

There have been several reported data breaches involving Yahoo over the years. One of the most significant incidents occurred in 2013-2014 when Yahoo experienced a massive data breach that affected around 3 billion user accounts. This breach involved unauthorized access to user information, including names, email addresses, hashed passwords, and security questions.

Yahoo later disclosed another separate incident in 2014 affecting around 500 million user accounts. This breach was attributed to state-sponsored actors. The compromised information included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, hashed passwords, and security questions.


    1. Prison Break

More than 3,200 US prisoners were released before their declared date due to a glitch that happened in December 2015. The software was designed to monitor this.


There are many more incidents due to which companies, service takers, or providers have faced a lot of troubles and consequences. Therefore Testing has now become the most essential part of the development life cycle

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Automation Testing Course Training

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Why learn Software Testing?

The Biggest Myth in the industry is that anyone can test an application but the fact is people who have in-depth knowledge of the testing process, technical testing details, or manual and automation testing can only do in-depth testing. To create a successful career one needs to learn mobile App Testing, Game App Testing, Web App Testing, ERP Testing etc. Testing plays a crucial role in the application development process. The tester needs to validate the smallest to smallest requirements features and make sure the application is successful. Perhaps 100 % bug-free software is impossible but Application success and failure still depend on the tester. Therefore companies are now hiring skilled testers only.

Live Project Testing

App Testing

Web Testing

Game Testing

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Future career scope in Testing

Every Industry somehow depends on IT industries for their business growth, sales or management activities, etc. Therefore they all need software services or support due to that all IT industries need QA Services and now quality has become an essential part of the development process which in result increase the demand of testing. Demand for software testing is increasing a lot in Thane. Therefore STAD Solution is providing the best software testing training in Thane with job opportunities.

Technologies in industries are changing or updating so frequently, that every industry needs a tester, currently needing it and will surely needed in the future therefore it is one of the most secure fields.

Testers can test any kind of application or any category of application either its Web App, Mobile App, or Game App Regardless of which background technology it supports. Therefore the job Opportunity or scope of testers is always high in demand. Therefore major companies are hiring candidate who completed Software testing training from an institute and have a certificate for it.

Our Training Methodology

STAD Solution's comprehensive training methodology for Automation Testing Course

Why take training in Software Testing from STAD Solution

STAD Solution is the best Software Testing Course Training institute in Thane. The primary goal of STAD is to provide the best education at an affordable price and play a crucial role in making someone’s career. Software testing is a field where IT, non-IT, or year-gap candidates can also get a good job opportunity. Therefore our curriculum is designed in such a manner that any non-IT or year gap candidate can also cope-up with the course. The Experts are from renowned industries and have a huge industrial experience based on that they understand the requirements of the industry and therefore majorly focus on practical things and tasks.

Nowadays Manual Testing and Automation testing Training both become equivalent and important for experience as well as fresher. Therefore Expert trains the students from advanced to scratch as per the current industry requirements and updates course and content timely to meet industry needs.

We understand the speed of grasping the topic varies from student to student. Thus trainer will focus on each student to make sure they all sail on the same boat and bring the best out of them.

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Absolutely! Our course caters to individuals with varying levels of experience, including beginners. We provide comprehensive training starting from the basics, ensuring everyone can grasp the concepts effectively.

We have a dedicated team that assists participants in finding job opportunities upon completion of the course. From resume building to interview preparation, we support you every step of the way to secure a rewarding position in the software testing field.

Yes, our course offers flexible schedules to accommodate working professionals. Whether you prefer evening classes or weekend sessions, we strive to ensure you can balance your current commitments while enhancing your skills in software testing.

Our training stands out due to its comprehensive curriculum, hands-on practical sessions, and personalized attention from industry experts. Additionally, our focus on job placement assistance ensures you not only learn but also transition smoothly into a fulfilling career.

While prior knowledge in software testing can be beneficial, it's not mandatory. Our course caters to individuals with diverse backgrounds and levels of expertise. We provide foundational training to ensure everyone can thrive and succeed in the software testing industry.

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