Web Application Testing Process

January 22, 2024
Web Application Testing Process

Nowadays web apps have become mandatory for all kinds of businesses. The Quality of the websites or Apps plays an important role in how the customers perceive the company and, as a result, they place their trust in the company’s products.

Web applications are used to support a variety of important activities, such as business transactions; information sharing, health systems such as diagnosis based on expert systems, and many more.

Web applications are not created in a split second. After the development process websites go through web testing to make sure that they work as intended.

So first of all let me tell you What is Web app testing? so that you can understand the process afterward.

Web application testing is a software testing technique applied only to test web-hosted applications wherein the application interfaces and other functionalities are tested. It is a complete testing of a web-based system before going live that can help address issues before the system is revealed to the public.

Issues may include the security of the web application, The main features of the site, and its accessibility for users with disabilities and for users of all abilities. and also need to ensure if Its capability to adapt to a host of desktops, devices, and operating systems, is ready for expected traffic and number of users, and possibly survives with massive growth in terms of users.

Here we present to you The 6 basic steps for The Web App Testing Process. Take a look at every one of them and make your web application right.

Functional testing :

Functional testing is a type of software testing that confirms the software system against the functional requirements.

In this testing, you need to test each function of the software application, by providing suitable input, and verifying the output against the functional requirements.

Usually, functional testing checks workflows, all the links of the web pages, form testing, cookie testing, and database connection.

Usability testing :

In this testing, you need to consider the user’s experience while using your application. So that, you get to know how enjoyable your application is to your users.

Usability tests examine the ease of use for end users in terms of learning, operating, and preparing inputs and outputs.

Interface Testing:

These tests check that the communication between two software systems is working correctly.

The interface testing test is used to verify that the violation is handled correctly by the server or user. The Interface test verifies communication between web server, web browser, and database.

Compatibility testing: 

Test cases are executed to check whether the application is compatible with a versatile environment. In web applications, compatibility testing deals with how the website works on different browsers or devices.

This test is to verify if the app is displayed correctly in different browsers and operating systems and also if it works fine on a wide range of devices.

Performance testing: 

Here the performance or speed of the application is tested under the required workload.

You need to test under different internet speeds and also under normal-to-peak loads to make sure that the application can handle the traffic load.

Security testing: 

In this test cases are performed to check whether the system is protected against sudden or intentional attacks from internal and external sources.

In this phase, you have to check out weak security points in your application and assure that your application is secure and hack-proof.

Let’s wrap up with this,

Testing of The Web Application helps to ensure that your website is ready for the planned marketing campaigns. Remember that,

“A well-tested application is vital to building the trust of customers.”


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