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Course Overview

Web applications have become a fundamental need for business in today’s era. By utilizing web applications, organizations would now be able to create and get more traffic and accomplish their goals faster. These applications can help focus on many clients and end-users at a time. Industries are quickly grasping this aspect of the internet by developing web applications with the help of developers to fulfill their business needs. Web applications are significant for various reasons. Therefore due to the importance of websites increasing day by day, their failure become a major issue. Thus web app testing becomes necessary before product launching.

There are multiple types of testing performed on web applications. Testing is context-dependent, Therefore the type of testing depends on the type of application. To understand the needs and importance of each testing users should do Web App Testing Training. During Software testing training candidate get to know about different types of testing their cons and pros. It is also essential to know when to start testing when to stop testing and how much testing is enough.

What is Web Application Testing?

Web App Testing is a testing technique in which web applications or websites are tested from all perspectives. End-to-end testing is performed on Web Applications. A website undergoes varies types of testing like functional, load testing, performance testing, and browse compatibility testing.

By performing website testing, an organization can make sure that the web-based system is functioning properly and can be accepted by real-time users. The UI design and functionality are the captains of website testing.

How to test Web Application

1. Functional testing: In Functional testing functionality of all the modules is tested. In this, it is checked that the product is as per the specification. Web application functional testing includes:

  • Check all links like Outgoing, Internal, Anchor, and Mail To links.
  • Check all the validation on the forms of web applications.
  • Test cookies are working as expected.
  • Test HTML & CSS syntax error
  • Test business flow

2. Usability Testing: In usability testing site navigation and content is tested.

3. Interface Testing: In web testing, the server-side interface should be tested. This is done by verifying that communication is done properly. Compatibility of the server with software, hardware, network, and database should be tested.

4. Compatibility Testing: The compatibility of the website is checked on different platforms. Following compatibility test to be executed:

  • Browser compatibility
  • Operating system compatibility
  • Mobile browsing
  • Printing options

5. Performance Testing: Heavy load is injected into the website to check the performance and behavior of the website.

6. Security Testing: In security testing robustness and reliability of the website is tested.

Why do Web Application Testing Training?

There is a myth that everyone can do testing but in reality, there are many factors a tester has to look at and test accordingly. Meanwhile, the tester should know which testing should apply, when to apply, and how much to apply. To get trained and become a software tester expert one has to take training in software testing.

Where to do Web Application Testing training in Ahmedabad?

There are many training institutes and companies that provide Software Testing Training for Web Applications. STAD Solution provides the best Web App Testing Training. Other than Web App Testing it also provides Mobile App Testing training, Game App Testing Training, ERP Testing Training, Automation Testing Training, etc. It is the Best Software Testing Training Institute in Ahmedabad. It also runs job-oriented Training in Software Testing in Ahmedabad having 100% placement record.

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