Game App Software Testing Training in Ahmedabad

Testing is become one of the important phase in SDLC model for application development. Testing is context dependent. Therefore which type of testing is apply is depend on type of applications like Web Application, Mobile Application, Game Application etc.

Now a day’s crazy of mobile games are very much increasing which make game companies to more focus on quality of game app. Mobile game testing differs from the regular mobile app testing. Effective mobile game testing derives from a well-structured and systematic approach, use of test automation framework and seamless integration with agile process.

How Game Testing is different from other Software Testing.

Game App testing majorly carried out with agile process. Therefore project in divided into small builds or scrum. Testing games is a repetitive process every new build may have bugs and must be tested thoroughly. Game App testing follows a well structured format and systematic approach irrespective of the game size & time required for producing it.

A Game Tester jobs involves:


Course Content for Game App Testing Training in Ahmedabad

There are many type of testing in the market. In Game App Testing following type of testing in implemented.

1) Combinatorial Testing:

This is a method of experimental design that is used  for commercial software testing and to generate test cases. It increases test execution efficiency, provide better quality, reduce cost and better phase containment.

Key Features

2) Clean Room Testing:

In clean room testing reliability of game app is tested .

Key Features

3) Functionality Testing:

In functional testing validations and functionality of all the modules are tested.

Key Feature

4) Compatibility Testing:

In compatibility testing platform compatibility with respect to hardware, software, operating system version etc. is tested . Game run on multiple mobile devices with different hardware and OS version and test that the game is able to run on different device or not.

Key Features

5) Tree Testing:

In Tree Testing, Usability testing is performed. In this flowchart of the application is created and then complete flow of the application is tested.

Key Features

6) Regression Testing:

In Regression Testing the pass test cases are again run when any bug arise and fixed or any new functionality is added in exist project. Regression testing is performing just to ensure that due to changes in project is it affecting existing project or not.

Key Features

7) Ad hoc Testing:

Ad-hoc testing is random testing in which tester randomly test and module of the product with some random inputs. There is no documentation in ad-hoc testing.

Key Features

8) Load Testing:

In load testing system performance and behaviour is evaluated under heavy traffic or when multiple users use App simultaneously.

Key Features

9) Play Testing:

Play testing is the method of game testing by playing the game to analyse non-functional features like fun factors, difficulty levels, balance, etc. Here a selected group of users plays the unfinished versions of the game to check the work flow.

Key Features

Career Growth

Software Testing is the only field which has secure career in IT Industry. Growth in Industry depend on Company to Company. Software Testing is now became emerging technology. Therefore, testers future is very bright and lot of opportunity is coming. To became a good software tester one has to take Software Testing Training in Ahmedabad from STAD Solution where many Software Testing Courses are offered with placements.

A career in Game App Testing

Due to increase in Mobile game in market, competition is also high. Companies are focus on quality as well to maintain in the market. To increase the quality and maintenance the app should be tested before launching it. There are many type of testing available in the market. To understand the type of testing candidate has to take Game App Testing training in Ahmedabad. STAD Solution is one of the best testing training institute in Ahmedabad who provide all type of test training.

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