Refund Policy

Enrollment fee needs to be deposited with the enrollment Form.

Fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

It is mandatory for the student to appear for all the assessments during and after the training sessions.

The student is required to appear for the interviews on the mentioned dates as informed by the placement department at any location.

The student is supposed to join the organization at any location he/she has been selected on the mentioned date as informed.

Student understands that salary packages and job location may vary; it is not in the control of the institute. It is the responsibility of students to earn a higher package by virtue of performance during interviews and excellent domain knowledge.



I hereby undertake I have applied for the training program with STAD Solution. I understand that fees paid are the changes of training and not for a job. Job/placement call is a free service offered by STAD Solution to all students and there is no cost involved for placements. I have read the rules and regulations of STAD Solution and shall abide by them in letter and spirit. I shall also abide by the rules modified or framed in the future. I shall pay the fees and other changes before the specified dates. I shall submit my original documents for verification when informed and can be shared with employer companies. I understand that the payment made is not refundable. I shall abide by the rules and regulations mentioned above. This undertaking abides me for my entire program duration.