What is Software Testing ?

January 11, 2024
What is Software Testing

Software Testing becomes a very trending area now a day. Its demand in the industry is increasing day by day. Software Testing is one of the important phases of the Software Development Life Cycle. All IT companies follow SDLC for software development.

So, Before Knowing about Software Testing, we have to learn what software is and why it is needed. Software is a tool that makes work automatic and fast. Software is built to make the work easy and comfortable. As IT industries growing exponentially we can see the use of the software increasing everywhere. Every industry is now using IT Software to make their work easy and fast.

For Example : 

what is software testing

General Storekeeper uses the Billing software to keep the daily transactions and income record of stoke. It also helps to keep the details of GST on a daily bases and helps to reduce the time and efforts at the time of GST filling. This is how every industry needs the software for making the work easy to manage the data or reduce human efforts.

But sometime this easiness (Software) puts you in trouble when software has an error or some issues. Due to fault in the software, it creates many problems like.. failure of the products, Spoil the brand name of the company, create some problem to the end-user, perform functionally incorrect, Legal issues to the company who made the faulty software, etc. So, to detect this type of error in the Software (product) Software Testing comes into existence.

So let us understand in detail, what is Software Testing ?

Software Testing is a process of examining the complete software to verify & validate the quality of the product.

In testing, we investigate the complete product with the following requirements (Testing).

  1.  Functional Requirement / Testing
  2.  Non-Functional Requirement / Testing
  3.  User Requirement / Testing

Let us understand each type with the example for better understanding

What is Functional Testing ? 

Functional Testing means to check whether the Software working functionally and logically correct or not. Functional requirement means what the software does. So, In functional testing, we check that the purpose for which particular module builds is to work accordingly.

For Example,

XYZ Company (Name of the Company) developed the software like a WhatsApp and before launching the software, XYZ Company has to check whether their product working properly or not. So, they give their software to STAD Solution (Name of the company) for testing the product. Now the Software Tester of STAD Solution will functionally check all the modules of the Software. (Like Chat Module, Status Module, Group Module, Settings Module, etc.) Eg.

  1. User can not forward the message for more than 5 people.
  2. User can not send the message to blocked users.
  3. User can not send the image more than the maximum limit, etc.

Once it is verified that the whole software and its all the functions working properly, then the software will be check for Non-functional requirements.

What is Non-Functional Testing ?

In simple words, non-functional testing represents the behavior of software when any action performs. Non functional requirement means software performance under certain conditions.

For Example,

(Continuing the example of WhatsApp)

After successfully launched the software users can install and use it. It may be possible that some of the mobile device software is not installed due to device compatibility. Therefore compatibility testing should be performed before product launching.

Suppose 2 Lac users actively working on the application then suddenly it got hanged or crashed due to heavy traffic on the server. Therefore load testing & stress testing should be performed on the application before launching. So, In non functional testing tester check the application performance and behavior under specific conditions.

If the software is checked functionally and then the software checked non-functionally still there is some chance of product failure.

Yes, the product can be failed.

If the software is functionally working well and it also fulfill the non-functional requirement of software still we have to check the users’ requirement. For that let us understand the term ‘User Requirement’.

What is the User Requirement ?

User requirement means checking the client’s requirement and end-users’ requirement. whether the software is complete the user’s needs and expectations or not.

For Example,

Hike is tested with its functional requirements and non-functional requirement but still, WhatsApp is the first choice of the users nowadays. Because Hike focused on Theme, Colour, Stickers, etc. and WhatsApp focused on Speed and Simplicity. So, to check and to understand the user’s point of view is indeed requirement for any software. Therefore, usability testing should be performed before launching the product.

Hope this blog makes you understand what is Software Testing and why it is important in IT Industries. For any further queries related to Software Testing, You can read another blog or can contact us. STAD Solution is the Best Software Testing Training Institute in Ahmedabad which also provides the Software Testing Training with 100% Placement to the IT fresher.