How to test CarDekho Application?

January 27, 2024

When testing the CarDekho application,

Here are some aspects to consider:


1. Vehicle Search:

– Test the search functionality for finding cars based on various parameters like make, model, price range, location, etc.

– Verify that search results are accurate and relevant to the user’s query.


2. Car Listings:

– Test the display of car listings with comprehensive information including specifications, features, mileage, and pricing details.

– Verify that listings are displayed correctly and consistently.


3. Filtering and Sorting:

– Test the filtering and sorting options to refine search results based on criteria like price, mileage, year of manufacture, etc.

– Verify that the filters work accurately and that sorting options reorder the listings correctly.


4. Car Comparison:

– Test the functionality to compare multiple cars side by side, considering their specifications, features, and pricing.

– Verify that the comparison results are displayed clearly and accurately.


5. Saved Cars and Favorites:

– Test the ability to save cars or add them to favorites for later reference.

– Verify that saved cars can be accessed easily and that favorites are stored reliably.


6. Dealer Locator:

– Test the dealer locator feature to find authorized car dealerships or sellers near the user’s location.

– Verify the accuracy of dealer information, including contact details and directions.


7. Financing Options:

– Test the display of financing options and loan calculators to estimate monthly installments.

– Verify that financing information is accurate and that loan calculations are correct.


8. Reviews and Ratings:

– Test the functionality to view user reviews and ratings for cars.

– Verify that reviews are displayed correctly and that ratings are aggregated accurately.


9. Photo Gallery and Videos:

– Test the display of car photos and videos to provide a comprehensive visual representation.

– Verify that media files are loaded quickly and displayed in high quality.


10. Contact Seller/Inquiry:

– Test the ability to contact sellers or dealers directly through the app for inquiries or to schedule a test drive.

– Verify that user inquiries are delivered reliably to the respective sellers or dealers.


11. User Registration and Login:

– Test the user registration process and verify that user accounts can be created securely.

– Verify the login functionality, including password reset or recovery options.


12. Push Notifications:

– Test push notifications to deliver relevant updates, new car launches, or personalized offers.

– Verify that notifications are delivered in a timely manner and that users can manage notification preferences.


13. Location-Based Services:

– Test location-based features such as displaying nearby car listings, dealerships, or service centers.

– Verify that the app accurately determines the user’s location and provides relevant information accordingly.


14. User Feedback and Ratings:

– Test the functionality for users to provide feedback, rate the app, or report issues.

– Verify that feedback and ratings are submitted successfully and that reported issues are tracked and resolved.


15. Offline Mode:

– Test the app’s offline capabilities, such as saving previously accessed car listings or viewing cached information.

– Verify that users can access certain features or data even without an internet connection.


16. Integration with Social Media:

– Test the integration with social media platforms to enable users to share car listings or their experiences.

– Verify that shared posts or links contain accurate information and images.


17. Language and Localization:

– Test the app’s language support and localization features for displaying content in different languages or regions.

– Verify that the app adapts to the user’s preferred language or location settings.


18. App Performance and Responsiveness:

– Test the app’s performance, including loading speed, responsiveness, and smooth navigation between screens.

– Verify that the app functions well on different devices and screen sizes.


19. Privacy and Data Security:

– Test the app’s privacy measures, including secure handling of user data and protection against unauthorized access.

– Verify that user information is encrypted, and data privacy regulations are followed.


20. Usability and User Experience:

– Test the overall usability and user experience of the app, considering factors such as intuitive navigation, clear layout, and easy access to key features.

– Identify any areas for improvement to enhance the app’s usability.



Remember to adapt the testing approach based on the specific features and requirements of the Car Dekho app.